BETHEL is a development platform and a blockchain development kit, where a network of trustless nodes working independently and with each other transacting information within and outside of the network and as required with the use of an Oracle, the nodes consists of standard nodes as well as guardian nodes inclusive of the notary standards and protocols, transactions are verified and protected against double spends and conforms to highest levels of integrity, transactions that occurs in the BETHEL network are saved and treated as Documents within the network, the network also has the ability to save such documents containing information in two states one being the original information embedded and if such information was changed the previously original information would be marked as Archived and the updated information treated as the Original, BETHEL also facilitates separate channels within the network, where the channels cater to respective transmission of data within the network clearly managing transmission traffic through ultra speed data transmission within the network and outside if and as required, the storage of information within the network is facilitated by transaction persistence protocol where the business logic can be implemented by whichever database protocol that is needed by the end user giving them the flexibility to their own ways of development aspects and most of all BETHEL offers a complete Development Kit that caters to the open source as well as the enterprise level usage. it comes with a complete setup of functioning a blockchain, with all the capabilities and abilities of a true blockchain enviroment.


Taking into account data security and data exploitation due to current data security loopholes in the blockchain industry as well as data transmission related industries, at BETHEL we have come up with unique privacy principle through the BETHEL Blockchain Development Platform, we offer the end developer the ability to integrate and use the unique BETHEL Channel Module, where designated channels cater to designated entities and departments within a designated model and use respective and designated channels for their data transmission needs.

The BETHEL channel module utilize three types of channels:

  • Standard Nodes
  • Guardian Nodes
  • Micro Nodes

Private channel     РIncludes Message Routing


The BETHEL Blockchain Development Kit provides a number of supported languages to the developers for them to work with, it is known that developers looking forward to utilize blockchain technology in their blockchain applications would need to be aware of the functionality and the implementation of the blockchain related jargon, however setting up a blockchain and customizing it for their blockchain requirements is a time consuming and tedious task. The time they consume for such a task and learning the blockchain functionalities through and through and setting up the same would consume time that they would otherwise use to further their core project development aspects, the flexibility of the BETHEL Blockchain Development Platform is such that BETHEL offers the end developer the ability to utilize blockchain functions for their development needs with complete ease.

31-Data Visualization


Understanding the unique needs of developers and their project requirements, it is a known fact that there are questions and limitations when it comes to using development platforms and development environments. Therefore BETHEL offers enhanced scalability and increased developer engagement in order for the developer to be able to scale and allocate resources with complete flexibility within the entire BETHEL Blockchain Ecosystem, and to be able to customize the entire blockchain function to cater to their development needs, BETHEL makes it so simple that these customizations and scaling can be achieved through the use of a configuration file or through a tick of a check box.


In the space of data transmission, it has been in the forefronts of achievements to be able to transmit, transact, verify data and massages in capacities amounting to millions of information per second, even though there can other bottlenecks preventing these achievements due to respective architectures and implementations out there, BETHEL offers ultra fast data transmission within and outside of the ecosystem through the use of NATs P2P protocol, hence thereby having the ability to transmit, transact, verify data and messages upto 1 million transmissions per seconds.


In today’s digital age of data security and privacy, attackers with various ulterior motives utilize security vulnerabilities and loopholes within systems, to steal or to obtain unauthorized access to data and gather sensitive information undermining privacy of an operation or an individual, BETHEL Blockchain Development Kit offers within its ecosystem the unmatched advantage of the Double Encryption Technology, Data stored within the ledger ecosystem and all data passing through all communications, transactions and transmission channels within the BETHEL Blockchain Development Platform is double encrypted ending any fears of data breaches or sensitive information falling into the wrong hands.

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